Putting the right plant in the right places is the motto of a true landscaper. We remind customers that plants are living things. As such they have a habit or growth potential. Most non-dwarf bushes will grow to 3ft by 3ft size on low end. So unless we have a 6ft wide garden bed, chances are that a row of bushes will over grow and consume the whole bed. Heavy maintenance would be required to keep most bushes in a small bed and have room for other plants. This is why dwarf plants are so great in small landscapes and in places where over growth is a problem.

Other problems can be avoided by knowing potential problems year down the line. The joy of owning a majestic tree in ones front yard is not easily achieved. After years of letting a tree grow and develop the last thing anyone wants to hear is that the tree has to come down.

Something as innocent as planting a birch, or willow tree over a homes sewer line can end up costing the home owner thousands of dollars in excavation and plumbing repair bills. An ornamental tree under a homes electrical service can cause loss of power during a mild storm. 

"Right plant, right place"

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Landscaping in Wall Township

Low maintenance landscape is the thing I get asked for most. The truth is all gardens will need maintenance at some point in the year. To promise a maintenance free landscape is to promise a snow free winter. One might get away with it for a year or two but it will happen. The extent of the maintenance is something we work very closely with our customers to gage.  

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